Friday, May 28, 2010

Long time no post

Well it has been a long time since I posted but, I have been busy! However not with tatting. The only thing I have to show for my tatting is my little owl earrings that are my very first, very own pattern!!! I think they came out cute and the pattern is on intatters if you would like it. These came about because a friend at my church asked me to tat a pair of owl earrings for her daughter in law who collects owls, I tried several patterns and nothing seemed to be small enough for earrings! I finally sat down and doodled these. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I have added the pattern in my comments it is the 3rd comment. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Those are so awesome!!!! Owls aren't my thing, but if I wore earrings, I would wear those!
    Have a blessed weekend! :)

  2. What a cute set of owls could you please send the link as I cant find the pattern!

  3. You will need: 1 shuttle
    size 80 thread in desired color
    2 size 11 seed beads for eyes
    hook for joining picots
    3-5 seed beads
    2 earring findings

    ----- very long picot
    ---- long picot
    --- picot
    -- small picot
    - very small picot
    b bead
    R ring
    ch chain
    rw reverse work
    + join
    ds double stitch

    R: 2ds b 2ds - 2ds - 2ds b 2ds close ring and rw

    ch: 1ds ----- 5 ds -- 9ds + to first picot of ring, continue with chain 2ds ----
    1ds --- 1ds -- 1ds - 3ds - 1ds -- 1ds - 2ds - 1ds -- 1ds - 3ds - 1ds
    -- 1ds --- 1ds ---- 2ds + to 2nd picot of ring 9ds -- 5ds + to base of ring cut,
    tie and hide ends
    thread 3-5 seed beads on long picot at base of ring then attach earrring finding

  4. Thank you so much I shall be trying them out and will post on my blog when done.

  5. Those are SO cute. So VERY cute. I love patterns that really, really look like what they're meant to be and these certainly do that.

  6. Jane, It means sooo much to me that you like my pattern!!! I respect your opinion when it comes to tatting patterns or anything related to tatting so you have made my day!!!! I have a great big smile on my face :) Hugs

  7. These are precious! Don't you love the way tatting works,simple rings and chains, a suggestion of a shape and it all comes alive.

  8. These are adorable. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern with us!

  9. Can the owl pattern be done using a needle instead of a shuttle? Is it written out any where that way. I absolutely love them and would like to make one for an "owl miss you" greeting card. Thanks!!!