Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tatting, Tea, and Tuesday!!!!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post but, the flu bug would not leave me and it took me off my feet for two weeks. I am feeling better but, I still get tired very quickly. Here is what I have been doing today, the next round on the Burda doily (Yay) and I did have a nice cup of ice tea. Sorry about the picture I will have a better one in a few days:) This pattern has really made me get out of my comfort zone as many of the joins are just not the norm.( It also may drive me crazy) I am hoping that I will have the doily done by the end of the month or at least on the last round as I have so many other projects I want to do like some butterflies or maybe the oh so cute gecko and a few more dragons (I just love Anne's Norwegian dragon) and maybe finish my handkerchief and....... well I guess you see I have a never ending list of wanttatats.;)
We are having such a beautiful spring this year! Our bluebirds have returned this year and have a nest in our bluebird house!! It is so much fun watching them! Hmmmm... I am gonna have to tat a blue bird I think :)))) What's one more thing added to my list?!?


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  1. oh, I have wanted to do this piece myself; but, when I was just reading the instructions it was confusing..so didn't begin! I don't need a headache at present.
    Do hope you will build your endurance and feel better soon. The Allergy season has waylaid those on the ridge; except, of course, for the 20 somethings who are out playing tennis!
    Be well, have some hot tea and eat lightly…xxx bj