Sunday, April 4, 2010

What was I thinking!?!

Well international tatting day resulted in no chocolate and no tatting for me due to a nasty flu bug that decided to visit. I was feeling a little better yesterday so I decided to have my tatting day a few days late. (better late than never) I do not know what I was thinking to try and do a more complicated pattern when I still was under the influence of the bug. Well as you can see from the pic my first attempt at this doily pattern is not the best and I will be starting it again when I am feeling better. I got the book Tatting From Burda a few months ago and just love the doily on the cover but I have found that the patterns are a little difficult for me to understand. Not sure if it is just me or if they really are more difficult, anyway I am going to tat the center over again with one or two more ds in between the picots and then it may work out a little better. I am pleased with some of my block tatting though. I have never done a lot of it and am enjoying it.

I also have a second project that I am working on. Now understand that I am one of those people who usually have to finish a project before I can move on to the next one. This is very rare for me to have two things going on at the same time but I am really enjoying it. When I tire of the one I can pick the other one up! I am doing this pretty handkerchief edging all because of the recent poll on intatters about what we use for a runny nose. Hmmmm..... I always use tissue but several people have made some really good comments on the use of cloth hankies. It also brought back memories of my grandma and her hankies which she always had in her dress pocket. I now want to carry a pretty tatted hankie in my pocketbook just to be able to take out when I need to wipe away a tear or two and quite honestly just to show the beauty of tatting. LOL

I wish all a very happy Resurrection Sunday!!!! He is risen!!!!


  1. Hi Don't feel like a lonesome dove; I too have loved that cover pattern on Burda…and you made more sense of it than I did. The instructions are really confusing (perhaps Burda was originally in a language other than English!
    Anyway, Josie Passel and I were going to work on it together and we both decided to set it aside for a while.
    I think the piece you are showing has really nice block tatting. Good for you….hugs, BJ

  2. Yes Bev it was written in German and that may be why. I am very glad it is not just me! LOL Thanks for the encouragement. Hugs

  3. Wow you really must be keen to do a pattern like that. Welcome to blog land, hope you enjoy visiting everyone, it is addictive!!!!!

  4. Thanks for visiting TypsTatting. I think it may be the flu that made me attempt this pattern.LOL I have wanted a blog for sooo long I am very excited to be here.

  5. Welcome, welcome to Tat Land! Today I discovered your lovely blog and I am planning on being a regular reader. That cover pattern from Burda drew me in, but I have yet to make a sensible stab at it. So you have my praises and a standing ovation! Well done so far and keep up the great (if brain-draining) work!

    And thank you for join in the fun for Tatting Tea Tuesday! It is a pleasure to add you to the growing number of TTT bloggers. The kettle will always be on and my shuttles at the ready for your next visit...